Fire training is imperative when carrying out the routine maintenance service of the fire equipment. Personnel on the site must be trained in the correct use of the fire equipment located at their premises. It is for this reason that we carry out basic fire training courses for you.

This course covers
The basic science of fire
The extinguishing mediums used
The correct use of the fire extinguishers, hose reels and hydrants
Including a practical demonstration

Specialized advanced training courses are also offered to fire teams and safety personnel. These courses are more in depth concentrating on the extinguishing of different types of fires and the use of specialized fire fighting equipment. It also covers the routing inspections maintenance checks that need to be carried out on fire fighting equipment.


In business, as in everyday life, safety always comes first. To ensure that correct and safety procedures are being adhered to we offer a course in emergency planning detailing planning of control centres and zones, allocation of responsibilities and correct procedures to follow in the event of an emergencies.

All attending the training courses will be issued with certificates of compliance and a working manual reference guide.

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