Home Safety Tips to Prevent Fire or Accidents

Fires in the home are one of the largest causes for death in the home in South Africa. We have complied some helpful and useful tips for preventing, or fighting fires in the home.

These tips are designed to save the lives of you and your family...

Safety Around the Home:

Have at least one working smoke alarm
Test the smoke alarm once a month
Change the battery once a year
Have a working light outside your front and back doors
Have emergency information readily available
Clearly label all medicine in the event of unconsciousness

In Case of Fire:

Know where the exits are
Practice getting out safely
Crawl low under smoke
Call 1022 from a neighbor's house

If Your Clothes Catch on Fire:

Stop, drop and roll or smother the fire with a blanket, towel or rug
If you get burned, seek medical attention

Smoking in the Home:

Use a large non-tip ashtray
Empty ashes often
Dampen ashes before emptying into a rubbish or refuse bin
Empty ashes into a metal container
Do not smoke when using oxygen
Do not smoke in bed

In the Bathroom:

Use non-slip rugs
Have a grab bar, rubber mats or non-slip strips in your tub or shower
Do not have electronic items plugged-in where they could fall into water
(like a bath-tub, shower or sink)

In the Kitchen:

Keep lids near by when cooking
If your pan catches on fire, carefully slide a lid on the pan
and turn off the stove
Wear clothes with short or close-fitting sleeves, when cooking
If you leave the kitchen while cooking, turn off the stove

In the Living Room:

Use electrical outlets whenever possible, not extension cords
Extension cords should be used on a temporary
basis and MUST be SABS approved
Use furniture with safe sturdy legs
Keep the floor clear of obstacles, so trips and falls are avoided

In the Bedroom:

Keep floor uncluttered to prevent trips and falls
Keep house keys, eyeglasses, a flashlight and a telephone
or cellphone next to your bed

Emergency Number are...

Fire : 1022
Ambulance : 10222
Police / SAPS : 10111

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